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Monster Trucks on the Go


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Kerry Dinmont, Monster Trucks, Engines, Wheels, Nonfiction, Picture Book

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Book Review


This book outlines what a monster truck is, who can drive a monster truck, what the monster truck stadiums are like, and how the racing works. Even at such a simple level of understanding, the reader is taught the multi-faceted elements of monster trucks. All the facts presented in this book are easy to understand and make it an exciting read for those with a zeal for engines and trucks. There is a glossary at the end explaining each "big word" with pictures. Monster Trucks on the Go is the perfect book for any child with an interest in any type of machinery. Big photographs of trucks, drivers, and stadiums are included on every page to allow even the youngest child a good experience with this book. It is a great resource for parents who have children interested in monster trucks, but may not live close enough to experience an actual event. Additionally, parents whose children struggle with reading, but find this topic interesting, may become motivated to read independently. Overall, readers will love this book!