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Blown Away


Robyn Lee


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Rob Biddulph, Voyages, Traveling, Home, Flight, Zoology, Picture Book

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Book Review


This picture book follows Penguin Blue as he takes a surprise and accidental flight on the end of a kite string. As he is blown away across familiar landscapes he picks up some other cold weather friends along the way. After flying across the ocean, the five friends decide to finally let go of the kite when the see the soft green tree-tops of a tropical island. The group takes time to wonder at the warm temperature and beautiful green landscape, but soon realize they miss home. Penguin Blue finds a creative solution to get them home--with an extra stow-away! Once safe and sound in his own home on the ice, Penguin Blue reflects on his eventful day and decides that he is meant to stay right there on the ice.