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Good Night, Chirp!


Shelby Bunker


Dependable, Toddler, Preschool, Satoshi Iriyama, Chickens, Night Time, Bedtime, Moon, Adventure, Farms, Animals, Picture Book

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Book Review


Chirp, the chick, is restless. He is supposed to be sleeping, but he’d rather embark on an adventure. While the other hens in the henhouse slumber on, Chirp slips out to go catch the moon. On the way he meets many of his farm animal friends and invites them to join him. But they are too sleepy. Only Kitty is up for the challenge. Kitty even knows where to find the moon. On their way back home, Chirp and Kitty get lost in the woods. They hear scary noises, but it’s just the Owl family. The owls show Chirp and Kitty how to get home. Resting on Kitty’s back, and tired from the adventure, chirp finally falls asleep.