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Groundhog's Day Off


Carlie Smith


Excellent, Preschool, Robb Pearlman, Brett Helquist, Woodchuck, Groundhog, Humor, Holidays, Vacation, Picture Book

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Book Review


Disgruntled by his community’s lack of interest in anything in his life other than weather predictions, Groundhog decides to take a day off right. He heads to the spa and contemplates a time when reporters will ask questions like, “Have you seen any good movies lately?” or “Do you like mushrooms on your pizza?” The town is forced to hold tryouts for a replacement animal. But no applicants have the right combination of schedule, size, and showiness that is necessary for the job. But when Groundhog hears a report about how special he truly is, he rushes back just in time for the February holiday. He is greeted with the attention and appreciation he deserves...at least, until the next holiday animal takes a day off too!