Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Young Adult, Dyan Sheldon, Fame, TV Star, Brat Camp, Boot Camp, Impersonation

Document Type

Book Review


Paloma Rose is a TV star and a teen icon, but she’s spoiled, bratty, and making life miserable for her agent, mother, and the people she works with. Oona Ginness, however, is barely holding her life together. When Paloma’s agent, Jack Silk, spots Oona, he notices that she looks a lot like Paloma and hatches a plan to save Paloma’s—and his—career. Paloma is sent to a ranch away from civilization to learn how to be a better person and Oona is trained to look and act like Paloma until she is ready to be back in the spotlight. Before long, both girls realize they are being used by Jack and Paloma’s mother for their own ends and come up with their own plan to achieve what they want.