Rebecca Wallin


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Sheryl Ann Crawford, Nancy I. Sanders, Elementary Education, Math, Classroom Drama, Hands-On Learning, Numbers, Counting, Puppetry, Puppets, Arts & Crafts

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Play Review


This informative book is full to the brim with ideas and activities to help educators present math concepts in a fun and engaging way. Each section begins with a short play designed to introduce a concept. For example, Chicken Pox Party introduces skip counting. Students practice counting by 2s, 5s and 10s in a silly, counting chicken pox spots situation. The plays are followed by helpful suggestions for performing the play with multiple options to suit individual class needs. Each play is accompanied by extra activity ideas, including a reproducible, that help to drive the concept home. Students will play a dot-to-dot challenge game in teams continuing to practice skip counting and then move on to one of the many inventive arts and crafts activities in the book; this time making Skip, the Class Creature, whose body parts help them to practice skip counting. Each concept/play is presented along similar lines, providing opportunities for the entire class to participate and learn.