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Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Young Adult, Karen Akins, Adventure, Time Travel, Science Fiction, Romance

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Book Review


Things are not going well for Bree Bennis. Her mother has mysteriously gone into a coma. A known felon is hounding Bree to transport illegal items into different centuries. Bree’s time-traveling midterm into the twenty-first century is botched by an awkward preteen, Finn. When she returns to the twenty-first century to fix some of her mistakes, she meets the older, attractive Finn who verbally and physically states he is her boyfriend. According to Finn, Bree’s future-self asked him to protect her while they solved Bree’s current twenty-third-century dilemmas. Trusting in Finn, and breaking even more time-traveling rules, Bree accidentally takes Finn back to her time-period. Together they uncover the lies and suppression spread by the time-traveling corporation, ICE: a company who monitors those gifted with time-traveling ability. ICE wants to change the odds and earn a profit by giving non-time-travelers the ability to move through time. This unnatural change pushes the space-time continuum into chaos. But a gift from Bree’s future-self halts ICE’s plans and brings some balance back into Bree’s life.