Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Kara LaReau, Scott Magoon, Porcupines, Animals, Friendship, Picture Book

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Book Review


Mr. Prickles is a lonely porcupine. Raccoon, Chipmunk and Skunk don't invite him to play with them or have sleep overs because well....he's a porcupine. He's a bit prickly and pointy. Mr. Prickles decides to be angry and sad all the time instead of being happy with what he can do. But one day he meets another porcupine whose name is Miss Pointypants. They become very careful friends because they might poke each other on accident! As Mr. Prickles and Miss Pointypants are watching the other animals having fun and getting angrier and angrier until Miss Pointypants decides enough is enough! They can have fun by themselves. They don't need any one else. Mr. Prickles and Miss Pointypants go on little adventures like swimming and looking at the stars. Even though the other animals don't like them, they like each other and they can hug very VERY carefully without getting poked.