Article Title

Through the Skylight


Paige Price


Excellent, Intermediate, Ian Baucom, Justin Gerard, Mystery, Magic, Siblings, Venice, Italy

Document Type

Book Review


Siblings Jared, Shireen, and Miranda had no idea that on the rainy day they walked into an English bookstore in Venice they would soon be drawn into a magical world of villains and heroes. The bookseller gives them an old book and three seemingly ordinary objects. However, the objects turn out to be magical, waking up Venetian history around them, and the book contains a story of three children kidnapped and forced into slavery with many other children in a time long ago. That story intrudes on the present time when the siblings run into the children from the story in real life. Using the magic that comes naturally to all children, they have to work together to rescue the other children kidnapped by a monk that is using the children's magic for his own evil purposes.