Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Primary, Annabeth Bonder-Stone, Connor White, Anthony Holden, Pirates, Fear, Family, Friendship, Fish, New York, Statue Of Liberty

Document Type

Book Review


Shivers is a pirate, but he’s terrified of being one. He lives on a ship that’s on land and avoids eating things that start with the letter C because he gets C-sick. Clouds, strawberries, and bubble baths terrify him. When he gets a letter from his pirate parents, however, he has to work through his fear to go rescue them. With the help of his friend Margo and his first mate Albee the fish, he sets off in search of his missing family and the Treasure Torch. Their adventures bring them to a giant squid, NYC, and the Statue of Liberty, and best of all to the knowledge that you can be scared and learn to overlook it anyway.