Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Kelly Barnhill, Sacrifice, Oppression, Love, Family Happiness, Magic, Fables

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Book Review


The people of the protectorate make an unbelievable sacrifice once a year to keep the 'wicked' witch at bay. Every year a sweet, loving witch saves the baby they leave in the forest, not knowing that the baby is an offering of an ideologically oppressed city. Each year, Xan finds the baby and feeds it goat milk and starlight until she finds it a loving home where it will be cherished. Then comes lovely little Luna with a moon-shaped birthmark on her forehead. Xan mistakenly feeds this beautiful baby moonlight, which activates her magic. Magic children are a particular challenge, so Xan decides to love and raise Luna herself. Luna grows, sheltered from even her own magic until her 13th birthday, when magic, myth, and truth collide to free the protectorate, reveal the star children to the families of their birth, and heal all those who have suffered from the delusions of a very, very wicked witch who has been hiding in their midst all along.