Olivia Noli


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Gravity Falls, Supernatural, Mystery, Adventure

Document Type

TV Show Review


Dipper and Mabel Pines, twelve year old twins, have been sent to live with their great-uncle Stan for the summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Dipper finds a hidden journal out in the woods that tells all the paranormal details of Gravity Falls. The journal warns to trust no one. Meanwhile, Mabel has her first boyfriend, but his haggard appearance and groaning leads Dipper to believe her boyfriend is a zombie. Mabel, out in the woods with Norman, discovers that Norman isn't a boy at all, but a bunch of gnomes who want her to become their queen. Dipper comes in the nick of time to help Mabel escape, but they are pursued by thousands of gnomes who have joined to make one large monster. Mabel is able to fight off the gnomes by turning a leaf blower on them.