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The North Star


Nicole Davis


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Peter H. Reynolds, Graduation, Journey, Guidance

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Book Review


A young boy begins his journey through life and asks what is the right path and right destination. At first, the boy grows and observes, taking his time and doing what he likes. One day, a helpful cat tells the boy that he should be starting his journey and shows him the path he should take. The boy dutifully follows the path even though it gets a little confusing. At one point, he realizes he might be lost and begins to wander off the path but the cat stops him and tells him to hurry on his way. The boy encounters a bird further on the path who asks where the boy is going. Unsure, the boy realizes he needs to create his own path and find his own destination. In the end, he embarks on his own journey: the beginning.