Excellent, Young Adult, Betsy St. Amant, Romance, Contmporary, Christian Fiction, Small Town, Cupcakes, Louisiana, Creativity

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Book Review


Kat Varland is twenty-six and sick of being cooped up in her hometown of Bayou Bend, Louisiana, running her aunt’s cupcake shop. It’s not the cupcakes that she’s sick of, making them is actually her passion, but it’s the boring flavors that her aunt requires of her to make that stifle her creativity. The monotony ends as soon as Kat’s best friend, Lucas, signs her up for a cupcake competition on reality TV! They both head to Los Angeles, revealing Kat's true baking skills and her feelings for Lucas. The competition doesn’t end without drama, but Kat and Lucas learn what it takes to be selfless while still pursing their lifelong dreams.