Article Title

Deep Blue


Abigail Packard


Mermaids, Atlantis, Ocean, Magic, Sisterhood, Dependable, Intermediated, Jennifer Donnelly, Abigail Packard

Document Type

Book Review


Serafina is heir to the the mermaid kingdom Miromara, and lately all she can think about is her Dokimi ceremony and whether her betrothed still loves her. But her world changes when a dream calls her to fulfill a prophecy and her mother, the queen, is assassinated during Sera’s Dokimi ceremony, throwing the kingdom into chaos. Sera and her best friend, Neela, narrowly escape an incoming army meant to take over Miromara. They embark on a quest to find four other "merls" after realizing that had the same prophetic dream about a dark evil returning to the world. They find Ling, Ava, Becca, and Astrid to help them talk to the leader of the river witches who first prophesied the great evil returning to darken the world's waters. After discovering the river merwitches, Sera and her friends are discovered by the enemy army and attacked. During the attack, they enter into a powerful bond of sisterhood, promising to defeat the coming darkness.