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Princess of Thorns


Abigail Packard


Fairy Tale, Curses, Magic, Romance, Disguise, Journey, Adventure, Excellent, Young Adult, Stacey Jay

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Book Review


Princess Aurora inherited the fairy blessings from her mother at a great cost: her mother’s life and the condition that Aurora will know romantic love. Meanwhile, Prince Niklaas is cursed to turn into a swan if he fails to marry a princess. The two cross paths years after the death of Aurora’s mother and weeks before Niklaas’s time to marry is up. Aurora, disguised as her brother Jor, desperately searches for a way to free Niklaas and take their kingdom back from the ogre queen. Niklaas agrees to help Jor if he can meet Aurora. During their travels, Aurora's disguise is revealed and the two fall in love. They kiss, but Niklaas loses his agency and personality due to Aurora's fairy blessing. He is only freed once Aurora kills the ogre queen. Aurora convinces Niklaas to marry her in order to break his curse and the two live happily ever after.