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Abigail Packard


Asian Folklore, Deaf, Blind, Mountain Village, Adventure, Romance, Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Richelle Mead

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Book Review


Fei and her sister, Zhang Jing, are apprentice artists learning how to record the village’s history in beautiful calligraphy. Fei is an extremely talented artist, but Zhang Jing’s is losing her sight, making her work less refined. Many in their village are also becoming blind in addition to being deaf. The villagers only manage to survive by mining precious minerals and sending them down a zip line that sends up supplies in return. When the village can no longer mine, Fei, now miraculously able to hear, makes a treacherous journey down the mountain to talk to the leaders below. She discovers that there are plenty of goods down in the city, but the king’s greed has withheld them. Fei travels back up the mountain and rouses the villagers to act. Against all odds, the villagers triumph against the king’s army with the help of magical pixius that scare the army away.