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Between Us and the Moon


Lisa Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Rebecca Maizel, Popularity, Dating, Sisters, Astronomy, Family Life, Cape Cod, Self-Discovery

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Book Review


Sarah is the happiest she has ever been when her boyfriend dumps her for the popular girl. With a broken heart, she goes to Cape Cod and decides to start an experiment that she hopes will make her popular. Sarah begins to act like her older sister, Scarlett, and soon makes lots of friends. She is noticed by Andrew, a very attractive college boy, and finds herself trapped in an intricate web of lies she spins just to be accepted and loved. Scarlett discovers what her sister is doing and tells Sarah to be honest about who she really is. Even though its heartbreaking, Sarah leaves Andrew behind to discover who she really is. However, maybe Sarah will have another chance next year to be with Andrew again.