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Olivia Noli


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Cory Putman Oakes, Witch, Magic, Thief, Secret, Change Of Heart

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Book Review


Macie and her mother, two con-women living on the road, arrive at Witchtown and hope to make it their last big job. Macie's mother, Aubra, a natural witch, leads the cons and uses her magic in the end to erase the townspeople's memories after they've been robbed. After every town, they move on and leave everyone behind. Witchtown is different, because when they arrive, they discover that the town is broke. Macie is determined to stay and make the con work. However, everything changes when her mother decides to burn down the town for the insurance money. Unable to destroy a town she has come to love, Macie decides to defeat her mother and save the town, and in the process discovers a secret about herself.