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Taylor Nelson


Excellent, Intermediate, Abby Cooper, Extra Sensory Perception, Risk-Taking, Friendship, Mother, Daughter, Middle School, Social Issues, Depression, Guilt

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Book Review


Sophie Mulvaney, a middle school student with a passion for history and pancakes, has a problem: she’s started seeing bubbles over people’s heads that tell her what they’re thinking. On top of that, her mom has lost her job and broken up with her boyfriend, and Sophie’s social studies teacher has assigned her a project where she has to take a big risk, when she could not feel any less adventurous. She and her friends decide to compete in a big triathlon for their project, and Sophie sets off on a mission to fix her mom’s woes, which she feels responsible for. While dealing with those pesky bubbles, Sophie has to navigate a possible crush, preteen insecurities, a depressed mom, and deep-set feelings of guilt. She manages to pull off her own triathlon and realizes that she can care about other people’s problems without making them her own, and that sometimes the best way to know a person’s feelings is to ask.