Article Title

The Mystery of Hollow Places


Abigail Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Rebecca Podos, Mystery, Disappearance, Family, Friendship, Self-Discovery

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Book Review


Imogene Scott’s father has mysteriously disappeared and Immy is determined to find him. But before she can, Emmy has to find out what happened to her mother. Immy uncovers many secrets about her mother: that she dealt with bouts of powerful depression, that she never actually married Immy’s father, and that she now lives with her husband a short distance away. Immy contacts her mother and learns that she never could bring herself to contact Immy, but she did connect with her daughter through her artwork. After a painful discussion filled with uncovered truths, Immy finds her father at a beach-side hotel dealing with his own mental health issues. Immy talks with her dad and brings him home, deciding that they are a good enough family just as they are.

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