Article Title

Glass Sword


Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Victoria Aveyard, Dystopian World, Romance, Powers, Rebellion, Betrayal, Red Queen

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Book Review


After Maven’s despicable betrayal, Mare, Cal, and the Scarlet Guard are on the run. They arrive at a Scarlet Guard Base, but Cal is taken into custody and Mare is estranged as a newblood. Mare and Kilorn break Cal free and escape on a stolen plane determined to find the other newbloods. Mare and her gang meet Jon, a newblood man who can see the future. He refuses to join them, but directs them to Cameron, a newblood girl that escaped from Maven’s prison. Mare and her group of newbloods infiltrate the prison, free the prisoners, kill Queen Elara, and escape, but not without losses. Mare and some volunteers set out to rescue the 5,000 children that Maven is sending to the front lines of the war, but they are caught; Mare offers herself to Maven as a trade for the others to be set free.