Kiersten Carr


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Jorge Agiurre, Rafael Rosado, Graphic Novel, Dragons, Children, Fantasy, Quests

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Book Review


Claudette, Marie, and Gaston are after the dragon who took her father’s magic sword (and his legs). But trouble is brewing as Grombach, an evil magician, is bent on making another attempt at conquering their kingdom, and the first wave of the invasion is arriving in the form of a flock of gargoyles. Worse, Grombach is capable of encasing anyone in amber or turning them to stone with just a flick of his magic wand. And even worse than that . . . Grombach is Marie’s grandfather! Add in seven princes seeking Marie’s hand (by trying to rescue her), a hapless kidnapped sentry, Claudette and Gaston’s wheelchair-bound warrior father, his trusted assistant Zubair, and an entire brood of dragons, and you have the recipe needed to defeat Grombach and restore peace to the kingdom.