Article Title

Safe in a Storm


Oliva Hales


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Stephen R. Swinburne, Jennifer A. Bell, Animals, Rain, Storm, Family

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Book Review


Safe in a Storm tells the story of several animal families as both parents and their young find shelter from the storm. The story is told in thirteen rhyming couplets that offer reassurance to young animals (and young readers). The audience is first introduced to a mother sheepdog and her pup hurrying home in the face of a rumbling storm. After that, the lens continues on to sweep across various geographies and introduces such animals as ducks, whales, giraffes, and bobcats among others. A full circle is accomplished by the last page where we see the mother sheepdog and her young pup at home comfortably nestled among cushions and out of the storm.