Article Title

Into White


Olivia Noli


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Randi Pink, High School, Racism, Coming Of Age

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Book Review


Into White is a coming of age story about Latoya, a high school junior who hates being black. After another black student bullies her, she prays to God to make her white. The next morning, she wakes up white with blond hair, blue eyes, and a skinny butt. After discovering this, Jesus appears in her room to tell her that her prayer was answered. She goes to school with the intention of being popular, but her new life is harder than she expected. Toya experiences things she never would have if she was "invisible" like she used to be. She is nearly raped by the college jock and ogled by the boys in her class. The popular girls want to hang out with her, but Toya discovers they are shallow and prejudice. She begins to fight against prejudice while being white, but takes the lessons with her when she changes back to her real self at the end of the story.