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The Lost Property Office


Tessa McMillan


Cannot Recommend, Intermediate, Young Adult, James R. Hannibal, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Secret Societies, Missing Persons

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Book Review


Jack Buckles and his younger sister, Sadie, are stuck in London. Their mother has brought them there to search for their missing father. Disobeying orders to stay in the hotel, Sadie follows a man who looks like her father. Frantic, Jack follows Sadie’s trail. The two finally reunite in front of The Lost Property Office. They go inside for help and meet Gwen, an apprentice clerk. Suddenly, robotic beetles attack the building and separate Jack and Gwen from Sadie. The beetles were from the Clockmaker, the villain holding Jack’s dad hostage until Jack uses his gift of finding lost items to recover an item called the Ember. Jack and Gwen recover the Ember and meet the Clockmaker in The Great Clock Tower to make the trade. Jack and Gwen then stop the Clockmaker from using the Ember’s power to destroy London.