Olivia Noli


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Elijah Wood, Collin Dean, Melanie Lynskey, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


In this chapter of Over the Garden Wall, Greg wanders off and sees a schoolhouse. Trying to find him, Wirt and Beatrice look inside the old fashioned school. Meanwhile, Greg plays outside with some poor animals (as indicated by their clothes). He rushes inside when a large gorilla attacks. Seeing how sad all the young animals who attend the school are, Greg sings a song about putting molasses on their potatoes. This is stopped by the owner of the school who comes and takes all the instruments away and sends the animals to bed. Greg wants to make the world a better place, so he goes and steals the instruments back in order to hold a concert fundraiser for the school. When the gorilla attacks the concert, Wirt falls on it and the head falls off the gorilla costume, revealing the school teacher's lost love who has been trapped in the costume. Greg conducts a rendition of his song "Potatoes and Molasses" to celebrate.