Excellent, Primary, Callie Barkley, Marsha Riti, Pets, Animals, Second Grade, Turtles

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Book Review


Liz is one of four girls that make up the Critter Club. After school, the girls help run a small animal shelter in Ms. Sullivan’s barn. As summer approaches, Liz can’t wait to take care of the animals and take an art class at the local library. But her plans change when her mom and principal decide she needs a little help with math over the summer. She has to go to the school library every week and take a class for kids who struggle with math instead of going to art class. Even though she’s daydreamed about art class for weeks, she makes friends with the kids in her math class, rescues a turtle that becomes their summer math class pet, and she finds out that the art class would be offered again that summer after all!