Article Title

Bound by Blood and Sand


Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Becky Allen, Deserts, Magic

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Book Review


Jae is a Closest, a slave cursed to obey all commands. She lives in the outskirts of her desert country and works as a gardener of Aredann. But a water shortage sends Elan, a Highest, to analyze the small estate and decide whether to keep it running. But Elan is convinced the magic binding the water to the kingdom can be found in Aredann. During her work, Jae unwittingly awakens the magic that has been slowly evaporating. Elan discovers her magic and commands her to not use it outside of his presence. But Jae is able to finally break free of the curse and becomes a threat to the order the Highest strive to maintain. Jae, Elan, and Tal escape Aredann and flee into the desert, intent upon discovering the legendary Well. After a perilous trek, they find the Well and learn that it is shrinking because of the curse placed upon the true descendants of the mages that first bound the Well and its magic to the land. Tal sacrifices himself to give Jae and Elan more time to break the curse on all the Closest.