Olivia Noli


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Fantasy, Magic, Terry Pratchett, Short Stories

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Book Review


The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner and Other Stories is a collection of short stories written by Terry Pratchett when he was seventeen. The stories were published weekly in his local newspaper when he was working as a junior reporter. Pratchett promises a series of adventure in his newly edited and compiled anthology. The first story is "The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner," in which a party magician is cursed by a witch for disturbing her vacuum cleaner. Throughout the story, Ron Swimble, the party magician, becomes enamored with the witch and proposes marriage (and asks her to lift her troublesome spell). The book contains fourteen stories total with four stories about the town of Llandanffwnfafegettupagogo, a town in the real Wild West: Wales.