Article Title

The Cow Said Meow


Phyllis Rosen


Excellent, Toddler, John Himmelman, Farm Animals, Farmers, Cow, Cats, Sheep, Rain

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Book Review


Who knew that farm animals had a sense of humor and were so smart? A cat wants to come inside from the rain, so it stands at the door and meows until the farmer's wife opens the door and lets it in. The cow hears the cat and decides to try to the same thing, standing in front of the door and saying "meow." The pig sees the cow and tries the same ploy. Each time one animal is admitted, another animal sees the incident and tries the same trick. Eventually the living room is filled with animals. When the cat hisses the another animals say their own sounds and the farmer's wife shoos them all out of the house! It's still raining and a dog comes to the door and says "woof." The cow pricks up his ears and you can tell he's thinking of trying the same trick only this time he'll say "woof."