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The Freemason's Daughter


Liz Sugihara


Dependable, Young Adult, Shelley Sackier, Teen Romance, Scotland, Rebellion, Freemasons, Treason

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Book Review


Jenna MacDuff and her small clan have been on the run for months. Moving from place to place to gather support for their exiled monarch sends them away from Jenna’s beloved Scotland to a family estate in England. The clan is hired to build a garrison for the Duke of Keswick, but they have secret plans of their own. Jenna’s father warns her to not draw attention to herself or the clan, but it becomes increasingly difficult when she catches the eye of Lord Pembroke, son of the duke. Strong-willed and opinionated, her growing friendship and attraction to Lord Pembroke causes her to give away key information. The clan’s secret plans of starting a rebellion against the current king are revealed and Jenna narrowly escapes with her family.