Article Title

The Widow's Broom


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Chris Van Allsburg, Witch, Broom, Widow, Trick, Halloween, Friendship

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Book Review


A witch summons another ride, and leaves her old broom behind after it lost it power to fly and crashed them into an elderly widow's garden. After taking in the broom, the widow discovers that it can sweep a floor by itself, play a piano one note at a time, and magically perform other useful tasks. Her neighbors come to see the broom and feel that the broom is unnatural and dangerous. Children bully the broom, and when it defends itself the neighbor visits the widow and demands that it's destroyed. In order to placate her neighbors, she pretends to destroy the broom, but secretly paints it white and has it haunt her neighbor as a ghost. Frightened, the neighbor moves away while the widow continues to enjoy the piano music one note at a time.