Karen Abbott


Excellent, Preshool, Primary, Diana Murray, Heather Ross, Witch, Broom, Halloween, Pets, Cat, Spells, Magic, Loyalty, Monsters

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Book Review


While flying on her broom through town, Grimelda sees a poster for the Spooktacular Pet Show. Sure that her cat is the most spooktacular pet around, she rushes home to find Wizzleworts sound asleep. Her friend wooshes by on her fire-breathing dragon and Grimelda wonders if Wizzleworts is up to the competition. She searches for another spooky pet and in a bog she finds a monster eel, but he is a bit too much for her to handle. She escapes the eel and finds that a spell will turn Wizzleworts into a truly spooktacular pet. They rush to the competition but her spell turns Wizzleworts into a cute pink kitten who is not at all spooky. Then, in swoops the monster eel still looking for his dinner, and Wizzleworts bares his claws and saves the day by chasing the eel away from Grimelda. He wins the prize after all!