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League of Archers


Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Eva Howard, Robin Hood, Fairy Tale, Adventure, Archery, Action

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Book Review


Elinor Dray can’t handle being a novice nun. Mercifully, the Reverend Mother uses Elinor’s archery skills to supplement the nunnery’s scarce provisions. Escaping the abbey, Elinor rejoins her friends, the League of Archers, to hunt and daydream about Robin Hood’s deeds. One night, Elinor meets a mysterious archer who is shot by a poisoned arrow. While the man dies in the abbey, Elinor learns he is Robin Hood and the Reverend Mother is Maid Marion. As if planned, the constable arrives to arrest Marion (still a wanted criminal) and take Elinor to Baron Lord de Lay’s castle. The baron spreads the falsehood that Elinor killed Robin, which causes everyone to shun her. Wanting to clear her name and help Marion, Elinor escapes the castle. With the help of the League, Elinor searches for the remaining Merry Men to free Marion. Finding Friar Tuck, they raise a small mob to storm the baron’s castle and rescue Marion from execution. Now wanted criminals, Elinor and her League take up Robin’s cause.