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Sleep No More


Excellent, Young Adult, Aprilynne Pike, Paranormal, Thriller, Mystery

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Book Review


Sixteen-year-old Charlotte sees the future, but the unpredictable episodes cause blackouts, and classmates avoid her because of her bizarre behavior. But Charlotte feels that it is best they stay away: after the death of her father, she knows the consequences of interfering in the fates she sees in her visions. However, when she begins to see the murders of her classmates, Charlotte can no longer stand on the sidelines. Choosing to ignore the instructions of her oracle aunt, Sierra, and following the guidance of a mysterious man called Smith, Charlotte begins exploring her powers and seeking to protect her town. However, Smith turns out to have powers of his own and begins manipulating Charlotte, slowly taking over her mind and body. As Smith forces Charlotte to harm the boy she’s falling in love with, Sierra steps in and helps Charlotte regain control of her mind, leading to Smith’s death. The story concludes with Sierra promising to be more open with Charlotte and assisting her in developing her abilities as an oracle.