Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Kat Zhang, The Hybrid Chronicles, Secrets, Multiple Personality Disorder, Hiding, Danger, Freedom

Document Type

Book Review


Addie and Eva sneak into another institution to record and expose the government’s secrets to the public, hoping to put a stop to the unethical hybrid program. But they linger too long and are recognized by one of the doctors, barley escaping. They finally find help, but Eva realizes Addie isn't there with her: she has disappeared. Realizing she can't stop moving, Eva and her friend travel to find Eva’s family. They find her family and Eva realizes she has to put an end to all the confusion before she loses them again. When Addie finally wakes up, both girls are able to prove through the recordings they had taken of the institution that they are victims in the government’s terrible game. They are able to go home with their family, finally free from the government’s schemes.