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Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Micol Ostow, Hauntings, Horror, Supernatural, New England, Family

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Book Review


Conner has just moved to a new house with his family. The first night, he wakes up at exactly 3:14 AM and sees a dead girl in the window, but then she disappears. Eventually the house, Amity, makes him have strange dreams that tell him what to do. One night he dreams about a binder that is full of newspaper clippings from the future that says that a family was killed at Amity and Conner was the murderer. Now driven mad, Conner sets out to kill his dad, but his twin sister follows him and Conner kills her by accident, leading to the deaths of all his family. Ten years later, Gwen and her family move into Amity, but Gwen can tell there's something wrong with the house. She starts to have dreams as well about what the house used to be: an insane asylum, a hiding place for witches during the Salem witch trials, a burial ground. Something is happening to her older brother Luke, and he's becoming angrier and angrier. Gwen, worried for her brother and her family, burns the house down. Gwen is taken to an asylum where Conner is as well, and he's writing letters to his dead sister telling her the history of the happenings of Amity.