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The Shady Tree


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Demi

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Book Review


Tan Tan is an angry rich boy who loves his Shady Tree. He lives in a big house and loves to play under the shade of the tree with all of his toys, but then Ping shows up. Tan Tan does not like Ping and tells him to leave. Ping gets the idea to buy the shade from the beautiful tree and Tan Tan agrees to sell Ping the shade because he thinks Ping is being silly. But Tan Tan slowly learns that this was a mistake as Ping invites his friends (and their animals) over to sit with him in the shade of this magnificent tree. Slowly making his way through the house, Ping realizes that the shade moves in and out of different places. Finally, Tan Tan decides to move far away to a house with no shade, no trees . . . and no friends. Ping then moves into the big house with all of his friends. Ping is kind and never turns anyone away wanting to rest, sing, or dance under the Shady Tree, including Tan Tan, who is runs back to join the fun.