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Room on the Broom


Annie Huish


Outstanding, Preschool, Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler, Broom, Broomstick, Witches, Spells, Dragons, Friendship, Picture Book

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Book Review


The witch tapped her broomstick and whoosh! The witch and her cat were gone. This captivating book follows a witch and her cat as they fly through the wind. Along the way, the witch loses articles including her hat, bow, and wand. As each article is lost, the witch and her cat fly down to find what they are looking for, and on their way befriend a dog, a bird, and a frog. Everyone seems happy, but when the frog jumps on the broomstick, it snaps in two and the animals all fall into a bog! As the witch gains control of her now half-broomstick, a mean dragon, who just so happens to like witch with French fries, starts to chase her. But the witch has nothing to fear! Together, the cat, dog, bird and frog had seen the witch in distress and devised a plan to scare off the dragon. After their success in doing so, the witch starts a potion and instructs her friends to throw something into her pot. She mutters a spell and creates a “truly magnificent broom!” They all climb on; the witch taps the broomstick, and whoosh! They are gone.