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Baabwaa and Wooliam


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Primary, David Elliott, Melissa Sweet, Sheep, Wolf, Wolves, Hobbies, Reading, Nature, Instinct, Knitting, Friendship, Friends, Persistence, Exercize, Acceptance

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Book Review


Wooliam and Baabwaa are sheep that like to read and knit. One day, these best friends decide to take a walk and find adventure. They are not particularly enjoying their walk until they meet a wolf in sheep's clothing who begins a chase. Wooliam recognizes the wolf from the famous Red Riding story and this stops the wolf in his tracks. People know about him? Really? Baabwaa and Wooliam decide to teach the wolf how to read: a task which is made difficult by constant lapses in attention where the wolf's innate desire to eat them gives them lots of exercise. These two very progressive sheep manage to have a cautious, but deep friendship with the wolf, who does indeed learn to read and enjoy it!