Article Title

The Cellar


Lisa Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Natasha Preston, Love, Family, Kidnapping, Survival

Document Type

Book Review


Summer has been taken. Even though her boyfriend Lewis and her family keep warning her to not be out in the dark alone, Summer brushes it off. As she walking around town looking for a friend, a man appears out of no where and calls her Lilly. Summer tries to back away, but the man grabs her and covers her mouth. He takes her home to his cellar where there are three other girls Poppy, Rose, and Violet. Summer is no longer Summer, but Lilly. Lewis and the Summer's family start searching for her, but have no leads. Meanwhile, Summer is constantly looking for a way out of the cellar and to get away from the man Clover who took her. He thinks he is saving all of his flowers' lives, but months pass and Clover is getting more and more on edge. Summer's family is getting closer to finding her and Clover doesn't want his Lilly taken away. Lewis realizes there is something wrong with Clover and the police start questioning him. Clover knows it's all over. He decides to go home to kill himself and all his flowers to keep them all safe. Summer fights him off as the police arrive just in time. Summer, Rose, and Poppy are saved but Violet didn't make it. Summer is a different person now, but for the better.