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Learning Letters Puppy


Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Apple, Android, Educational, Alphabet, Counting, Shapes, Colors, Music

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App Review


Created by the well-known and respected Fisher-Price company, Learning Letters Puppy is a fun way for young children to learn their ABC’s, numbers, and shapes in an interactive way. Upon first opening the app, parents can read a very helpful page of “Play Tips” to optimize the use of the app for their child’s development. On the main screen are four categories to choose from. First, the ABC portion takes the child through the alphabet one at a time with progressions occurring as the child taps the screen. Each letter is accompanied by a cute and moving animation that matches the letter. Second, the counting section features numbers 1-10, also progressing as the user taps the screen, and shows various quantities of objects to match the number. Third is a shapes and colors section, which first says the name of a shape (with an accompanying animation of a real-life object with that shape) and then declares its color. The final section includes several educational and entertaining songs reviewing the previous material, often sung by the puppy featured throughout the app.