Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Michael Scott, Alchemy, Magic, Supernatural, Siblings, Twins, History, Myths, England, San Francisco

Document Type

Book Review


Nicholas and Perenelle only have a few days left before they die. Josh and Sophie are back in San Francisco and are going home to rest before they have to go and fight the Dark Elders. Aiofe, Scatty's sister, shows up and takes Sophie away to find out where Scatty is. Josh and Sophie meet Niten, an immortal sword fighter and helps them hone their skills. The Flamels take Josh and Sophie to Prometheus so that Josh can learn the magic of fire. After he learns, Mars takes over his body and takes him to Dee and his partner, another immortal, Virginia Dare. They use his magic to awaken a very dangerous Archon to defeat the Elders so Dee can be in charge instead. Sophie, Niten, and Aiofe go to rescue him, but Josh has lost his perspective and goes with Dee and Virginia. During all this, Scatty, Joan, Saint-Germain, Shakespeare, and Palamedes are taken through several ley-lines to the Elder city of Danu Talis. Marethyu leads them there. Machiavelli and Billy the Kid are stuck on Alcatraz waiting to awaken the monsters there.