Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Natalie Lander, Georgie Kidder, Jim Cummings, Disney, TV-Y

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TV Show Review


Goldie is a thoughtful friend who has gone to the trouble of throwing Bear a surprise birthday party. At the last minute, she realizes that she forgot to get Bear a gift. She finds the remains of Bear’s chair (that she accidentally broke) and decides to repair it for him. In the end, it’s the perfect gift for Bear. Next, Bear is tired of hearing that he needs to “wait until he’s bigger” before he can do fun things. When he gets a hold of some magic beans from Jack, he becomes big. At first, Bear is helpful, but then he discovers that his size can also be a burden. After Bear accidentally helps a forest gnome, he is granted a wish that he uses to return to his just right size.