Article Title

A Drop of Night


Lori Cunningham


Excellent, Young Adult, Stefan Bachmann, Mystery, Horror, Thriller

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Book Review


Anouk--seventeen, moody--finally finds a way to escape her family: a once in a life time adventure to explore an uninhabited palace hidden underground since the French Revolution. She finds herself having to deal with four other awkward teens who have been selected for this expedition paid for by the mysterious Sapani family. Once settled in to the home above the palace things take a turn for the worse and land Anouk and the others in danger in the palace deep below. When tragedy strikes Hayden, Anouk realizes that she has to team up with Alice, Will, and Jules to make it out alive. The teens travel through the palace meeting strange people from the past, fighting off superhuman soldiers, and facing death at almost every corner. After searching everywhere with no luck, they finally find a small thread of hope, but not without trouble from blood thirsty mad men.