Ashley Roggow


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Patrick Jones, Teenagers, Racing, Action, Cars

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Book Review


Kekoa Pahinui already felt like an outcast, but it really hit home when his mom left him behind at Hilo International. He now lives with his dad’s mom until he graduates. Kekoa is a passionate and talented half-black, half-Hawaiian drifter who works on his own car and takes good care of it. However, he has to deal with a bully named Billy Cain and Billy's friends Tucker and Ryan. They bully Kekoa and his friends, and even cut off one boy's hair. Because Billy is a rich, spoiled kid who's dad owns half of the land, he gets anything he wants. But one day Kekoa meets Sonny and they became a team. They build up their Nissan Skyline and race Billy to prove who is king of the mountain.