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The First Drawing


Lori Cunningham


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Mordiciai Gerstein, Dinosaurs, Animals, Imagination, Picture Book

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Book Review


Imagine...30,000 years ago, before your creative thoughts were put into drawings, where most people only saw clouds as clouds. One day a modern-day boy and his dog are transported in time to show you where it all began. Long ago, the people can't see the mammoth in the clouds, the bear in the rock, or the elk on the walls. The boy is the “Child who sees whats not there.” One day though while searching for stones with his father he looks up, and sees a woolly mammoth right in front of him. The young boy searches the eyes of the mammoth and realizes there is much more then its musky smell. The boy runs to his father and tells him the exciting news of seeing the mammoth, only to be disappointed that his father does not believe him. The mammoth is still in the boys head while trying to sleep. That night he wakes everyone up as he grabs a stick from the fire and starts to draw on the wall. All of the tribe members family are amazed at the "magic" the boy has created--the first drawing.To this day, people are still drawing and making “magic.”