Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Michael Scott, Alchemy, Magic, Supernatural, Siblings, Twins, History, Myths, England, Alcatraz

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Book Review


osh and Sophie are distraught. They don't know what has happened to their friend Scatty, but Nicholas assures them she is fine. They travel to England in search of the ancient (and insane) Gilgamesh the King to teach them Water Magic. Despite the king’s mental instability, the twins and Flamel have no other choice than to seek help from the king. Saint-Germain finds them help in England from Palamedes, a knight from the round table, and none other than William Shakespeare. However, Dr. Dee finds them with an Elder and an Archnon, a powerful being before the time of the Elders. Dee tries to capture the twins and fails once again, falling out of favor with the Dark Elders. Dee’s Elder Masters are on the hunt to destroy him and take away his immortality, but not before he tries to get back into their favor. The twins find Gilgamesh, learn Water Magic, and use the ley-line at Stonehenge to travel back to California. Meanwhile, Joan of Arc and Saint-Germain find Scatty and decide to take a ley-line at Notre Dame called Point Zero to travel to Alcatraz and help Perenelle. However, someone sabotaged the line and they are now stuck in a time with woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. Machiavelli meets up with Billy the Kid in California to kill Perenelle and release the monsters held on Alcatraz, but Perenelle outsmarts them and escapes. The Flamels, Josh, and Sophie are all reunited and go home for a much needed rest before they must travel again.