Abigail Packard


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Patrick Gilmore, Tim Johnson, Dreamworks Animation, Sailor, Ocean, Voyage, Traveling, Adventure, Loyalty, Friendship, PG

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Movie Review


Eris, the goddess of chaos, makes a deal with Sinbad: bring her the Book of Peace and she’ll make him rich. Sinbad agrees and follows Proteus, Sinbad’s boyhood friend, to Syracuse, intent on stealing the book. But Eris disguises herself as Sinbad and steals the book herself, framing Sinbad who is then sentenced to death. Proteus takes his place and Sinbad is granted ten days to find the book and return it or else Proteus will be executed in Sinbad’s stead. Sinbad and his crew set out for Tartarus to find Eris. Their journey is fraught with obstacles—a swarm of sirens, an island-sized fish, and a giant ice bird. At the edge of the world they find the gates of Tartarus. Eris tells Sinbad that she’ll play a little game with him—if he can answer her question truthfully she will give him the Book of Peace, but if not he will have to leave. Her question: if he doesn’t get the book, will he go back to Syracuse to face his punishment or will he let Proteus die in his place? Sinbad answers that he will go back, but Eris claims he is lying. Sinbad’s crew find him and they return to Syracuse in time to save Proteus’ life. Sinbad faces his punishment and just before the executioner’s blade falls, Eris arrives. Because Sinbad had gone back to die she is forced to give him the book.